Massachusetts Roads - Berkshire Co.

Berkshire County

Bee Hill Rd. crosses Flora Glen Brook on this wooden (at least on top) bridge heading east to Williamstown. The dam is on the north side. My first impression is that old industrial runoff is coloring the brook, since everywhere in MA is basically a former mill site, but I'm not about to taste it to find out.

Notch Rd. SB toward War Memorial Tower in Adams and back north at the same turn. Brown is for recreational signs, not speeds.

Northbound on Old Barrington Rd. as it enters Alford (from Seekonk Cross Rd.), then onto East Rd. as it's about to cross Alford Brook.

County Road WB heading toward Sheffield and US 7. The speed limit sign is similar to Massachusetts' old font, but I believe it's a more modern knock-off by one or two of the local towns.

Monument Valley Rd. SB in Great Barrington, looking east at Mount Wilcox and its range.

Barker Rd. EB at South Mountain Rd., then looking north from Dalton Ave. at Allengate (presumably spelled out at the top of the arch) Ave., both in Pittsfield.

Sheffield-Egremont Rd. NB from US 7 to MA 23/41 between those towns. The first and last photos are old, embossed signs; the middle photo is strange and may be old (it looks like residents hand-painted these wooden blanks).

In this case, the bottom sign (right) is embossed, but the top (left) is also reasonably old. Canaan-Southfield Rd. SB is about to hit the CT border and enter Canaan from Southfield.

Courtesy Doug Kerr, this is handpainted on wood, so it must be old, right? It's on Main Rd. south of Tyringham.

Facing west and east on Massachusetts Ave. between the town (Williamstown) and city (North Adams). Interesting that the sign makes such a distinction.

This goes here because it's right by that last town line sign, I believe WB.

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