Massachusetts Roads - Amesbury


Crosswalk signal on Elm St. EB near Congress St. The green is smaller because it rarely turns red, but this is an outdated practice (and an outdated signal).

The first embossed sign looks up Bay St. EB from Elm St., and the second is along South Hampton Rd. heading southeast from the New Hampshire border and NH 107A.

Pond Street in Amesbury crosses the Powwow River south of Lake Gardner and north of its first set of falls.

Main St. EB across the Powwow River. MA 150 is also Main St. when it crosses the river, but this is the unnumbered southern leg.

Back west.

You'll want to find this sign on Main St. north of the bridge, as it turns north toward MA 110.

Chain Bridge
MA 110
MA 150
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