Louisiana Roads - US 80

US 80

Not much has changed from when Michael Summa took this photo in 1984 and today, at least as far as welcome signs go. For example, there's one on US 65 in Lake Providence.

EB on the east side of Shreveport with US 79 NB. The 2-digit width shields for US 220 are ubiquitous. I think it's neat that I caught the starting gate for arguably the most notable horse race in Louisiana leaving the premises.

Both WB. The first is from the short new generation that allowed wide shields for four-digit routes, in this case one that takes over old US 80 from here toward the Missisippi River bridge (see link below to see the bridge) until the road is blockaded. It can't be too much trouble to maintain the bridge, because the railroad half is still active - it's just not safe enough for two cars to pass on the narrow span, especially when a train shares it with them. My recommendation: make it a trail so at least people can enjoy it. The second is a sad reminder to cherish the green shields, because the next one at the intersection is a new black on white version, so this one's days are numbered.

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