Louisiana Roads - US 71/Future I-49

and Future I-49

NB at the beginning of the second I-49 section under construction in April 2011, north of Gilliam, between the LA 169 and Hosston River Rd. crossings. There was no photo-worthy work between this point and LA 169 to the south when I visited. The second and third photos look north at the future NB onramp and SB offramp.

Skipping northward a bit, this is at the northeast corner of LA 2 in Hosston.

Just north of LA 2, Future I-49 crosses US 71 again. Photos are NB, looking right and left.

Different views to the right and left.

Old NB signs at two more crossings of Future I-49: Mira Myrtis Rd. and LA 168.

LA 1 and US 71/LA 1
North on Future I-49 to Mira Myrtis/Munnerlyn Chapel Rds.
South on Future I-49 to LA 169
Intermediate stops: LA 2 and Hosston River Rd.
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