Louisiana Roads - US 65

US 65

All photos are NB.

In Tallulah just past I-20, courtesy Michael Summa and taken in 1989.

Sights along the way up to Arkansas: memorial to killing innocent animals, memorial to the fanged undead (yes, this is a real school), memorial to an unnecessary practice of hyphenated routes. Hyphens are used when there are a few short stubs near each other, all of similar lack of purpose, but there are plenty of unused route numbers to go around that would fit much better in the space provided.

At the Lake Providence welcome center, which uses a black pelican while the historic signs use a white one, which has a nice view of Lake Providence. It's an oxbow lake, meaning it was cut off from an earlier loop of the Mississippi River, and looks an awful lot like a bayou at this end.

See, there's another hyphenated route in Lake Providence, related to the first one. 884 through 886 are available any time they want to have different numbers.

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