Louisiana Roads - US 61

US 61

The signs are old and the overpasses are interesting, a style I've only seen in the Southeast. The third photo is the I-10 WB ramp to US 61 NB, which flies under I-10 and US 61 but over the EB I-10 frontage road (Academy Rd.).


Standing on the SB side at the border with St. Charles Parish by the airport. The happy pelican is the state bird and appears on all the historic signs, but not always so happy.

Two photos from inside Louis Armstrong International Airport. The first is an obvious sign error, the second is a subtle but still apparent roadway alignment error. I guess, but this is just a guess, that the road gues up and down for drainage purposes, but any decent engineer wouuld have figured out an alignment that doesn't make the road look like it was lifted from the Northridge earthquake zone.

Heading NB from that area.

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