Louisiana Roads - US 167

All photos are in Lafayette, and other than the one above, they're NB.

Reversed colors - accidental? - at University Ave., Business US 90 and LA 182 (thus doubly reinforcing that this was the old alignment of US 90).

Then underneath a railroad, while pedestrians are prohibited according to the small, blurry sign and probably have to cross at grade on top. I swear, the sign is blurry in real life. Must be.

Rather old shields considering how new the I-49 corridor designation is. I-49 will not fit through Lafayette without a lot of demolition, but apparently LADOTD has found the path of least resistance and is pressing on. Right here where US 167 meets US 90, I-49 will be two blocks southwest on US 167 next to the railroad tracks that you just saw me underpassing.

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