Louisiana Roads - Arthur Ray Teague Pkwy.

Arthur Ray Teague Parkway

SB at the end of the freeway at LA 511, where there are stubs for the parkway's continuation. Like the Clyde Fant Memorial Pkwy. across the river, there were still plans to extend Teague Pkwy. south as it was intended, and in fact, that was completed in February 2013. These photos were taken in April 2011, so clearly the work took its time to get to this end of the project.

What appears to be a sidewalk stub at the end of the road.

Heading north through the LA 511 interchange and under the 511 bridge.

One more look south at the stub end of Teague Pkwy.

Looking east up the LA 511 WB ramp to Teague Pkwy., which now allows left turns for the road that finally heads south from here.

NB at the Spring Street Railroad Bridge, which used to carry Spring St. as well as the railroad it still carries. The lattices on top of the truss carried power lines across the Red River.

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