Louisiana Roads - Spur LA 87

Spur LA 87, New Iberia

This may be your only chance to see a PR (Parish Route) instead of a CR. Louisiana is the only state with county routes but no counties, so this is what you get. PR 605 continues north from US 90 to become Spur LA 87 at Highway 182, which is old 90. I'm sure the spur was designated before 90 moved to the modern freeway alignment.

Just after becoming a state highway, Spur LA 87 crosses Bayou Teche on this bridge, with huge cables coming down to pick up the four-lane span and raise it high. Tall drawbridges are usually built with steel trusses instead of solid concrete.

A SB look at the bridge. There are so many red and white stripes in the photo, I'm encouraged to look for Waldo. He could cross here and still not be seen.

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