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New Orleans

The combination Florida Ave. and railroad bridge across the Inner Harbor Navigational Canal, seen from the Mississippi waterfront.

Scenery on Elk Pl. looking west and east from Canal St. Is that Napoleon? I think there are seven flagpoles to represent the seven flags that flew over Louisiana: Spain (prior to the Louisiana Purchase), England (took over part of the Spanish land), France (when Napoleon took over Spain), United States, Confederate States, the Louisiana state flag... and the short-lived Republic of West Florida, which seceded from Spain after they were excluded from the Louisiana Purchase and glommed onto the USA. Or the poles are a coincidence.

Old Rampart St. light posts as seen from Conti St. SB (or Rue Conti ahead in the French Quarter).

Looking west and east from there along Rampart St. Plenty more light posts.

Downtown in the French Quarter, with the second photo along the waterfront on Decatur St. EB.

A different sort of sign, old but not intended for vehicular traffic.

The rest of the photos below are scattered throughout the French Quarter. I'll let you figure out which street each is on - easier if you can translate from Spanish.

I-10 in New Orleans
US 61, Airline Hwy.
US 90 in New Orleans
Huey Long Bridge (US 90)
Business US 90, Crescent City Connection and Westbank Expwy.
LA 3046 and Causeway Blvd.
New Orleans Non-Roads
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