Louisiana Roads - Future I-49 - Mira Myrtis/Munnerlyn Chapel Rds.

Future I-49: Mira Myrtis Road, Munnerlyn Chapel Road

WB into the sun from US 71, where Mira Myrtis Rd. will be realigned with better vertical curvature. Based on the overpass, it looks like that the new road being built just to the north will soon receive traffic currently on the old road, and then the old road will be rebuilt to match the new road to create a divided road with two lanes each way.

Forming grooves in the future NB offramp.

Continuing WB under Future I-49 until the old and new alignments of Mira Myrtis Rd. come back together to the west.

Between those photos, looking south between the future carriageways. The decks have been poured, and reinforcement is set up for the concrete parapets.

EB views from the divergence of old and new.

Back east to Future I-49, and views of the future SB onramp.

Across from that, the future offramp.

Continuing east, and turning north for a view between the overpasses.

Now looking north at the NB onramp.

Back east to US 71, with more views of the new road (future WB lanes?) being higher than the old road (to be reconstructed to future EB lanes?).

Munnerlyn Chapel Rd. WB to the point of closure. Rather than stage the overpass offline as was done elsewhere, this is a minor enough road that a local detour was set up and the overpass was constructed directly online.

To the right of the last overpass photo, Future I-49 heads north toward the LA 168 interchange.

North on Future I-49 to LA 168
South on Future I-49 to US 71
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