Louisiana Roads - LA 96

EB in St. Martinville, which is where the rest of the photos on the page were taken.

Looking east at the bridge over Bayou Teche, which would be a creek or river anywhere else. There are signals and gates but no draw span - this is in fact a swing bridge, rotating 90 degrees to allow boats to pass, a popular option down here. Maybe without so many tall and heavy parts, these are more economical in a hurricane-prone state, in which case someone should drop a hint to Florida. In fact, I don't see why these aren't always an improvement over the huge weights used on drawbridges, so long as you can swing enough bridge out of the way to provide a wide enough channel.

Looking east and west at the western bridge gates. I rotated the photo so you can pretend the bridge was closed, but no, really, I can show a lot more detail this way given the constraints of computer monitor design. The traffic light is just off the west end of the bridge, and given the age of the signals you saw on the bridge itself, I wonder if they're possibly uncoordinated. Imagine having a green light above and a red light on the bridge?

Looking north and south on Bayou Teche.

Just to the north of the bridge is a cable crossing. On the west side of it is this huge, probably original (1930s) sign.

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