Louisiana Roads - LA 728-8

LA 728-8, Surrey St. in Lafayette

Vermillionville, a mostly recreated "settlement" with a couple of authentic buildings such as this church, is the reason for LA 728-8's existence as a state highway. The other LA 728 hyphenated routes are all around the same area just west of Lafayette Regional Airport, and there's no plain 728. To underscore the ridiculousness of hyphenated routes, there's no LA 715, 716, 718, 721, 722, 727, 730, 732... you get the idea. Plenty of numbers to go around without this hyphen drama.

Two old signs at the Vermilion River, or Bayou Vermilion as the SB sign would have it (the old bridge marker is NB). No difference, everything's a bayou in this state.

Sure looks like a bayou to me, at least to the west.

These hang above the River Rd. intersection.

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