Louisiana Roads - LA 48

Looking south at the Luling Bridge, I-310 over the Mississippi River.

A famous manor among Southern plantation scenery. There are many historic mansions along the banks of the Mississippi in Louisiana. Note the irony of the Mexican Petroleum Company buying the home, and having it end up in the hands of American Oil. Guess we know who won that war. Twice.

Junction Kenner, home of inscrutable signs and abandoned buildings. Too bad I can't read the plaque in front to find out what closed, but no amount of history is worth an eyesore like this. Fix it up for a museum, or destroy it. Just to the east at Oxley St., an old arrow points to someone's house. Wonder what was here? Maybe something that served whoever worked in whatever building that was.

Just before the 6.18 miles of roadwork (32,630 feet, so I guess they just took the plans and divided by 5280 without thinking about the result) I turn off at the brown sign. Canes in English, Cannes in French, becomes Kenner. Though the sign doesn't hint at any link between Cannes and Kenner, I have to think there's a strong relation given that Cannes was in use under French, Spanish, and American rule.

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