Louisiana Roads - LA 45

Two SB photos. Traffic (not just trucks, as far as I can tell) must use a "Michigan left," turning right on Lapalco Blvd. WB and then using a median U-turn to head eastbound, one of the only places outside Michigan this setup occurs. LA 3134 appears to have been intended as a realignment or bypass of LA 45, but it's cut short at the southern end and sees almost no traffic. That's actually odd, because it's still a faster way through Jean Lafitte National Preserve than LA 45, which winds on a more curvilinear course, and LA 45 has to come back up to 3134 just to cross Bayou Barataria.

Spain visits Marrero, LA, but these buildings aren't even old. They're all related to Hope Haven, a Catholic charity assisting the disabled, replacing Chinchuba Institute for the Deaf. At least "Chinchuba" is vaguely Spanish-sounding. The ornate chapel in the second photo is that of St. John Bosco.

Looking eastward under the twin spans of the Westbank Expressway, Business US 90. Regular US 90 doesn't even get to be a freeway, so there's no explaining why this is the business route.

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