Louisiana Roads - LA 353

The two faces of a turn, WB and EB outside St. Martinville. See that gray sky in the background? This drive somehow stayed just feet away from the edge of the rainstorm east of Lafayette, and by the time we started east again the next day, the sky was clear. Luckily for you, that means the photography conditions were excellent. From the shades of white on the WB left turn sign, I can tell that Louisiana just pulled out a sign blank and stuck the numbers on top, which may be the normal practice. It makes sign manufacturing simple and allows the numbers to be touched up periodically, which can save a lot of money when your state's highway system goes into the high 4 digits.

WB at the end of the road. The arrow plates in the previous photos and this JCT plate replaced the old color scheme of white on green. For many years, the shields were white on green but every other sign was black on white - that's one way to tell that the writing's on the wall.

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