Louisiana Roads - LA 3134

SB at LA 45, which LA 3134 was intended to bypass. It makes sense for half of the route, because LA 45 winds through Jean Lafitte National Preserve, crosses here, crosses back under LA 3134, then turns back up and heads to the next intersection. But it was never completed south of Bayou Barataria, not that it matters because there's not nearly enough traffic for a four-lane highway. In fact, there may not even be enough traffic for more than one two-lane highway at all. There are a lot of strange, seemingly useless 4-digit divided highways scattered across the state, at least some of which may be pork barrel related.

Quite a shoddy 4 at the next SB intersection, but it doesn't matter because the route is useless. Just call it 45U.

In their generosity, Louisiana placed this levee to balance the cost and effectiveness with the number of lives saved. All the important cities are to the north. Sorry, Barataria, Port Sulphur, and the very aptly named Cut Off. In case of disaster, move to a favored town. This photo looks west.

Coming back north on LA 3134 and looking east where the construction continues. Don't let my rant stop you, Louisiana, blaze ever onward and let the bayous return to the marsh and sea from whence they were born, with or without the people who call them home.

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