Louisiana Roads - LA 3132/Future I-220

LA 3132, Future I-220 - Inner Loop Expwy., Shreveport

WB errors, though perhaps not immediately obvious to the untrained eye. In the first photo, "TO" should be capitalized where it is used, but this isn't even the correct place to use it. That's the point of destinations, to tell you where the road goes. "Exit Only" should have the arrow inside the panel, or at the very least should consist of two panels, one on either side of the arrow. That puts the arrows on the bottom of the sign where they belong. The second photo is more of an oddity than an error, because a US route with two 1s can certainly fit in a standard-width shield as shown; Wisconsin does it as standard practice, but other states don't.

WB through the I-49 interchange at Exit 7, the bottom of a 4-level stack interchange and thus a journey through a sea of columns.

EB at the end of the route, currently at Exit 10. The plan from here is to extend the highway across the river, ultimately becoming part of I-220. I will not certify the level of aliveness (alivitude?) that this project possesses, because the state's current priority is finishing I-49.

At the bottom of the Exit 10 ramp, which would eventually be across from an onramp to continue east. LA 523 is undergoing construction at the time of this photo in April 2011 to widen from the former two lanes to the new four lanes. Thus there's a second left-turn lane striped and pyloned (I'm just making up words today) out but ready for use.

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