Louisiana Roads - LA 3049

Except for above, all photos are northbound.

From the beginning in Shreveport, LA 3049 turns left onto Grimmett Dr. The newest style of green shield (before turning into the black on white variety) details every inlet and riverbend.

Overhead in the middle of the intersection with Hearne Ave., which becomes LA 3094 just to the west at LA 1/US 71. 3049 and 3094 a block apart? That won't be confusing at all.

For comparison with the shields above, I offer you the old style, which shows very few curves and only the basics of the outline. I do like the newer style, and wish LADOTD kept the green color at the same time, but I will always be a sucker for old shields.

Through a tree tunnel, and eventually to the end of the road in Gilliam, where LA 3049 turns left on 1st St. to end at US 71.

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