Louisiana Roads - LA 3046/Causeway Blvd.

LA 3046 and Causeway Blvd.

LA 3046 only runs on Causeway Blvd. from US 90 up to this interchange at US 61. It's a neat one - a roundabout sandwiched between the two highways - and there's an original overhead sign gantry spanning the NB exit. For the record, US 61 is a north/south highway, and this US 90 shield doesn't belong at all (why sign a U-turn?). Should be North 61 left, South 61 right, fix the green sign.

Older sign that will soon disappear due to rampant construction. See the I-10 page linked below for all of those photos.

Flying over Lake Pontchartrain, crossed right down the middle by a causeway that, surprise surprise, is Causeway Blvd. The surprise surprise is the lack of state highway designation. The first photo, enhanced for contrast, has the highway threading a line from left (north) to right (south) just before the water meets the sky. The second photo, south of there, watches a power line march incessantly toward the Causeway and the horizon.

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