Louisiana Roads - LA 24

LA 24

All photos are WB in the Houma area.

The first photo is really at Spur LA 3040, Hollywood Rd., but it does lead to LA 3040 in short order. The second photo is partly about the blue sign, partly about the name Funderburk. It sounds like two people got married, neither one was smart enough to get rid of his/her last name, and one of them had a lisp.

A couple of mostly wooden bridges, Mall Bridge and Elgin St. Bridge, in the median of LA 24. That's because the two sides of 24 flank Bayou Terrebonne, the greenish thing underneath that's actually water and plant life. Everything that's at least 50% water is a bayou in Louisiana.

Old lane assignment signs missing "ONLY"s at US 90 WB. The left turn is for 90 WB to LA 24 EB, and the through arrow is for me, coming from LA 24 WB to US 90 WB. I could share the photos between both pages, but I want LA 24 to be special.

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