Louisiana Roads - LA 2/Future I-49

LA 2 and Future I-49

LA 2 WB splits from LA 1 SB. "TX" would technically be better than "TEX."

On the east side of LA 1/LA 2 in Vivian, this is now Rainbow Cleaners but once wasn't.

Heading east from the northern US 71 junction (first photo is right there).

Continuing EB, Future I-49 is under construction just around the bend. The overpass is in an interesting half-finished stage while LA 2 traffic detours to the north. I would guess that after this, LA 2 will return to the original closed route and the detour will be taken down while the remainder of the overpass is constructed.

Looking north at another bridge, which crosses Kelly Bayou, with the future SB offramp in the foreground.

On the other side is, of course, the future SB onramp.

Looking left (north) at the future bridge abutment and right (south) at the already-constructed half bridge. As at Hosston River Rd. to the south, the beams are up but the deck is not, so tether wires are affixed to each beam for workers to safely walk along them.

Looking south at the future NB offramp.

And, once again, on the other side is the expected NB onramp.

Ongoing work to reconstruct LA 2 to the east of Future I-49. It is not clear yet, but there's a good chance that LA 2 will become four-lane divided right at the interchange, narrowing down to the current two-lane road on either side.

Turned around on LA 2 WB, starting back toward construction. The last photo looks northwest at the future NB onramp.

Finishing the WB run. In the last photo, the temporary detour swings well to the north, while the old road digs under a pile of dirt. Here's where it most seems that the old road would become the new WB lanes, with new construction to the south for the future EB lanes. Where LA 2 heads uphill and to the right in the distance would remain two lanes, so the 4-2 merge would be somewhere around where the detour road rejoins the LA 2 mainline.

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