Louisiana Roads - LA 182/old US 90/Bus. 90 Lafayette

LA 182/Business US 90 EB past Lafayette Middle School in that city.

This only dates to 1994, but it's French, which means unusual.

EB by University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Bonin is the sort of name to avoid applying to a university hall, especially a dormitory. I pity any nerds and the wedgies they may get for living there.

WB in New Iberia, where because Main St. is one way, the junction signs are on both sides of the street. I missed a chance to capture that for LA 86 but I got it at LA 675. The right-side counterpart at LA 31 is a new black on white shield, so no need to go out of my way to show it to you.

Looking north? on LA 86, which serves the community of Loreauville. To get there it heads north, then curves east, north, and back west alongside Bayou Teche. But LA 86 isn't done yet - it then continues curving to come back south, almost touching the starting point! Quite the scenic route indeed.

WB with US 90, one of a few times the routes briefly come together, west of Patterson. The best photos of the railroad truss are on that page, so click through below.

WB entering Houma. South of Lafayette, LA 182 follows the former route of US 90 through all the towns and cities and hugging the edge of Bayou Teche, winding up and down while modern US 90 cuts a straight path. I just want to show you as many green shields as I can while they're still around. The old Hollywood Rd. sign is at what may be Spur LA 3040 (depending on how far up that route goes from 3040 proper).

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