Louisiana Roads - LA 173/Future I-49

and Future I-49

LA 173 SB from US 71 to Future I-49, which should have a "JCT" or arrows, or something to tell you that LA 173 is not going to become I-49 despite both being north-south roads. The incredibly tall structures in the distance, seen in the first photo looking northwest, are radio towers for KEEL (thanks to Doug Bassett for this information). They'll reappear in later photos on this page.

Future I-49 NB onramp and SB offramp, facing north.

Looking south at Future I-49, which has a bunch of reinforcement for future bridge piers but no concrete yet.

Looking north, here's what the south side of the road will look like in a couple of months.
Construction equipment on the left (south) and right (north) sides of LA 173.

Now turned around and heading back north on LA 173, looking left and right.

North on Future I-49 to LA 169
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