Louisiana Roads - LA 169/Future I-49

and Future I-49

Looking southwest from LA 169 SB at the path of Future I-69. Someday, this will be a freeway, but until then, cows.

Junction of the Future I-49 NB offramp, facing south.

When I visited in April 2011, I-49 construction was in two pieces. This was the northern end of the southern piece, all graded and with a line of equipment set up in the path of the future LA 169 underpass. If I were to look to the right from here instead of the left, there would be nothing except farmland. I'm sure that has changed by now.

Junction of the Future I-49 SB onramp, facing south.

Two NB photos, the second of an older-spec shield. As I say on the LA 173 page, the first photo should have a "JCT" or arrows, or something to tell you that LA 169 is not going to become I-49 despite both being north-south roads.

North on Future I-49 to US 71
South on Future I-49 to LA 173
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