Louisiana Roads - LA 168/Future I-49

and Future I-49

LA 168 WB at the Future I-49 underpass and future NB onramp. There's a "Lane Ends - Merge Left" sign as soon as the 2-lane begins - so why even bother widening out? I can't see traffic operations being an issue in this rural area.

Looking left at the future NB offramp.

The next overpass north along Future I-49 is Ida State Line Rd., which I'll visit in a moment.

The future SB onramp looks to be completely open down to the Munnerlyn Chapel Rd. overpass. Of course, there's no telling where there may be debris or a pavement gap lurking - and you could be very unhappy at Mira Myrtis Rd. if there's no transition from roadway to bridge deck.

Looking north along the future SB offramp.

EB now, at the Future I-49 underpass and future SB onramp, same caption as before regarding the 2-4-2 lane configuration.

More southward views along I-49. From this angle, Munnerlyn Chapel Rd. is just out of sight over the rise and beyond the curve.

Continuing eastward to the NB offramp.

The last EB shield and first WB shield on LA 168. Take a careful look at the shields, and it shouldn't take too much effort to realize they're much different. And I'm not just talking the accidental wide "8" heading west. Until fairly recently, the state shield used a simplified outline, as seen WB, with a curvy outline. This was probably easier to produce on the technology of years past. With recent advances in signmaking and the ability to use computer design to have the cutters precisely trace figures in the reflective sheeting, LADOTD was able to adopt a much more realistic state outline. That only lasted a few years before they went from white on green shields to black on white, but a good number of shields were replaced in that time. The reason this EB shield looks old is not due to aging, but rather a coating of pollen and other "tree slime" from being back in the greenery along the roadside.

Ida State Line Road, WB and looking north along Future I-49 at Arkansas. Louisiana's work is basically done here, but Arkansas will be ready to open its segment by the time all the overpass work in LA is done.

Looking south from Ida State Line Rd. at the future LA 168 interchange.

Back to LA 168, which ends just to the east of the Ida State Line Rd. junction here at US 71. The old Esso sign is on the east side of that intersection.

South on Future I-49 to Mira Myrtis and Munnerlyn Chapel Rds.
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