Louisiana Roads - LA 1/US 71

and LA 1/US 71

In Lockport, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

"North" should be capitalized. Oh, and the numerals should be centered, but let's not get too picky. Oh, and the arrows need to be over the correct lanes, and the Louisiana outline is a far cry from the actual shape of the state.

More shield problems with the US 71, and definite order of assembly problems (arrows should be below the shields), but I'll forgive those for the old MArket St. sign. This is again NB on US 71/LA 1, meaning the signs are for a U-turn.

Leaving Shreveport, NB.

LA 1's pony truss crossing of Caddo Lake, as seen from LA 538, the old alignment of LA 1.

LA 1 SB and LA 2 WB, together from Rainbow Cleaners to south of Vivian.

Louisiana is converting to black-on-white shields, but shortly before they took that drastic and unwelcomed step, they started phasing in black-on-white banners, leaving a situation like this where the green shield is mismatched with its banner. Why the "South" escaped such punishment, I don't know.

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