Louisiana Roads - I-610

I-610 was planned since the advent of the Interstate system as a bypass for I-10 near the French Quarter. For dozens of years, I-10 traffic suddenly went from east to southeast, turned a corner at the Westbank Expressway (Business US 90/secret I-910), and went to northeast as it ran along the edge of the Quarter before turning east again just as suddenly. With only one freeway running through the heart of the city, traffic must have been horrid. Despite all the delays, that was probably enough impetus to finally push I-610 across the financial and quality of life hurdles and get it built in the late 1970s.

Heading west from I-10, the Katrina damage continues for a mile or two along I-610 before the neighborhoods finally start getting away from the flood damage. These roofs have barely been patched in the intervening five years.

In stark contrast to the narrow shield atop the page, this RIDOT sign made it over a thousand miles south just to torment me at the end of I-610. No idea where the detour goes when it's fully uncovered besides somewhere to the right.

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