Louisiana Roads - I-310

All photos are SB.

Well, these are downbound, flying just south of the elevated I-10/310 interchange. Apparently, it was better to build the canals directly under the overpasses - I'm guessing it has to do with finding solid ground to hold the piers rather than any environmental reason.

Now down to ground level, starting out on the I-10 WB ramp that begins I-310 and the Destrehan Swamp bridge, and looking east along I-10 and the two NB ramps.

At the end of the combined NB/SB Exit 6 ramp.

Across the Luling Bridge, now the Hale Boggs Memorial. The cables look like whiskers coming out of the towers when photographed from the appropriate angle. Whiskers with heavy concrete and steel anchorages.

The end of I-310 has a stub extension, originally intended as a southern beltway to meet I-510, but now probably only useful to connect with future I-49 because Jean Lafitte National Preserve is in the middle. It also has the largest collection of road reflectors this side of a storage facility. What a waste, but I'd love to see them at night.

The NB stub beginning extends slightly farther than the SB stub end.

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