Louisiana Roads - I-220

All photos are eastbound.

I-220 sure has a lot of these narrow shields. The last one of the three in the header is actually mounted on the Exit 17B gantry for I-20, which is the end of I-220. Instead of "East," it ought to say "End."

Across Cross Lake, which I-220 crosses in the middle. That's what it's named for, right?

I-220 ends with a stub, intended to continue as a full loop and ultimately connecting around to meet LA 3132, but that would be difficult with Barksdale AFB in the way. For now, it gets a sign that may or may not need a vertical divider - the current format makes it ambiguous as to whether the entire interchange or only I-20 West is under the Exit 17B umbrella.

From the left and crossing to the right, grading for the intended I-220 SB continuation.

LA 3132, future I-220

Exit 5 to LA 173
Exit 17B to I-20
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