Louisiana Roads - I-20/US 80

I-20 and I-20/US 80

State-name shields are quite a rarity in Louisiana. This was on Fairfield Ave. SB at Stoner Ave. in Shreveport.

Looking north along the Red River. In the foreground is the Shreveport Railroad Bridge, carrying the Kansas City Southern. The truss in the background is the Texas Street or Long-Allen Bridge carrying US 79/80.

Older WB signs. You know it's older when you see an outlined state route shield.

Now that the old bridge is closed, US 80 WB shares a ride across the Mississippi with I-20 WB. That's the old bridge on the right, to give you an idea of how even a truss can be ordinary when a much cooler one is next to it. The last two photos follow the railroad half of the bridge as it slowly descends to ground level; the highway half was capable of much steeper grades but, unlike the Huey Long Bridge, obediently glided down with the tracks.

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