Louisiana Roads - I-12


Courtesy Michael Summa, these 1978 photos were taken on LA 441 SB at I-12 Exit 29. The first sign needs an advance turn arrow or to replace WEST with JCT, while the second sign way in the distance should have a slanted arrow to point down the exit ramp.

EB signs without enough distinction. Clearly, one of Exit 63 A and B leads to Bogalusa, and one leads to the Causeway bridge, and in fact they are in opposite directions, but this sign makes you think it doesn't matter which you take. Turns out there's just one ramp ("Exit 63A-B") that then splits to the proper directions, but then this should just say "Exit 63" and not confuse drivers with the letters. The distance sign would be alright with a comma, but I'd prefer two miniature shields.

Approaching the future LA 1088 interchange, EB. The last photo looks up the EB offramp.

Still there, looking across at the WB onramp.

A new overpass is being built on the WB side of LA 1088. LA 1088 is being converted to a divided highway, so the existing overpass just might remain to carry the EB lanes in the future.

Last photo from the construction (and on this page), the future WB offramp.

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