Louisiana Roads - Future I-49 - Hosston River Rd.

Future I-49: Hosston River Road

Close enough to Texas to find oil.

EB at the Future I-49 overpass, where there will be no interchange. The wires strung atop the bridge girders are tether lines in case workers lose their footing while walking the beams.

A future drainage ditch, looking south along Future I-49 SB. I can't figure whether the logs are laid there to somehow hold the ditch open, or whether there's any equipment that would need to use them to cross the ditch.

With no active work and being off of the state highway system, this seemed like the perfect place to augment my Future I-49 photography, so up I climbed. These photos face east from the southern end of the future SB overpass, looking at the future NB overpass.

Looking north across the SB and NB bridges, respectively. I wouldn't dare cross them, without a tether and all.

Besides, all I have to do is walk down and across Hosston River Rd. Now I'm looking south across the SB and NB bridges, respectively.

Looking south from there, along the SB and NB carriageways respectively.

Finally, looking north from the north side of the bridge. The LA 2 interchange is in the distance in the last photo.

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