Louisiana Roads - Clyde Fant Mem. Pkwy.

Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway

All photos were taken southbound.

Under the Texas St./Long-Allen Bridge, US 79/80 (looking NB/EB). There are several bridges named after Huey Long and even multiple Long-Allen Bridges, so Texas Street Bridge seems to stick better.

Now the Shreveport Railroad Bridge, used by Union Pacific RR, in the middle of repainting.

Next up, the Spring Street Railroad Bridge, which also once carried Spring Street on it. "Also" means that it had both at the same time, despite being so narrow, meaning that Spring Street only had one lane the entire way across the Red River. No wonder the road was closed and approaches torn up so that it only functions as a railroad bridge now. The north side had the road, and the south side (last photo) has the rail.

Now for some old signs.

Fant Pkwy. stubs out at LA 511, and is eventually planned to connect to the south side of the Inner Loop (LA 3132, future I-220), when that eventually gets extended across the river.

Fant Pkwy. never is controlled access, though access is certainly limited for most of its length. (Meaning, it has many intersections but no driveways.) I find it interesting that the intersection of the LA 511 EB ramps is fully signed as if it's intersecting an active divided highway, despite the only paths of travel being nonconflicting: mine (from SB looping to EB) or the other one depicted by the yellow arrow in the background (from EB turning to NB).

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