Kentucky Roads - W. KY Pkwy.

Western Kentucky Parkway

All photos are westbound.

Construction on KY 3005, Ring Rd., an outer bypass of Elizabethtown to complement the inner Elizabethtown Bypass. Note the lack of creative names.

Natcher Pkwy. (née Green River, which ought to forever appear on shields) may be the only circumstance where I prefer the new signs to the strange, undersized font of the old ones. The 2-mile advance sign left room for the words "TOLL ROAD," but all of Kentucky's parkways have had their tolls removed since. Note the reversed exit numbering for North being A and South being B.

All new Parkway shields are going to look like the ones at Exit 77A, so enjoy this older green Pennyrile shield while you can. Exit 38B will soon be for I-69 North, and I-69 has already taken over Western Kentucky Pkwy. west of this interchange.

See? I think this is a bad idea, and the whole road should remain named Western KY Parkway, but KYTC apparently treats the Parkway names as synonymous with their hidden numbers (9001 in this case). I-69 is only signed here because of the direct and high-speed connection to the rest of the Interstate system at I-24; the other future pieces of the route all have cloverleaf interchanges that the FHWA apparently wouldn't sanction for a through route. Note that Wendell H. Ford is the only Kentuckian to get his name on two highways, the other being the US 60 bypass of Owensboro.

The least helpful sign possible for Exit 4, US 62 near Eddyville. It doesn't even make sense, because the obviously good way to Paducah is to stay on the Parkway until I-24 West.

End of the road, lacking EXIT ONLY and with the accidental white border on the left sign. Someday soon, the Purchase Parkway shield will be replaced with an I-69. If the engineer's paying attention, "TO" will also be replaced with "SOUTH."

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