Kentucky Roads - US 68

US 68

Historical marker on US 68 WB west of the split with KY 80, courtesy Doug Kerr. In Ohio, US 68 is a north-south route.

US 68/KY 80
~ Business US 68, Russellville
~ Business US 68, Auburn
~ US 31W and US 68/KY 80/US 31W

Business US 62/68, Maysville

These WB photos are shared with US 60 and US 27 in Lexington, so I now face the struggle of coming up with three different captions for the same signs on three different pages. If I were you, I'd check out both of those pages (and all of the other ones on my site), but that's what I'd do regardless of who I was, because I'm awesome. And confusing.

Probably the most superfluous use of a "formerly" banner ever, since 4-digit routes are so easily forgotten, courtesy H.B. Elkins, and then ugly teardrop shields at the WB US 62/68 split. KY 3071 was a temporary designation for the new US 62/68 alignment now completed into Ohio. How many people actually remember this was KY 3071?

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