Kentucky Roads - US 62/Bus. US 127

, US 62/Business US 127

EB, courtesy H.B. Elkins.

US 62 WB/KY 61 SB across Rolling Fork and the county line.

WB through Bardstown, skipping the US 31E/150 circlesquare (former square, converted). See the big link at the bottom of the page, but be prepared for more ugly shields like the one at top.

Leaving US 127 in Lawrenceburg and heading west to Perryville. But wait, there's more! This is actually now Business US 127, despite the complete absence of information supporting that assertion within the city.

Enjoy the Anderson County Courthouse.

Into Lawrenceburg from the east, with more non-Business shields for US 127.

Westbound across the Kentucky River on an S bridge, under and then next to a much taller rail viaduct.

You can make out every word on the Blue Grass Pkwy. sign, including the fact that "Bluegrass" has been smooshed into one word, but that's rare. A better designed shield with a lot less clutter would go a long way. What this assembly doesn't tell you is that while it's US 62 West going left, it's also US 60 East. That's confusing enough that it really does require directional banners.

Continuing west into Versailles, US 62 sticks with US 60 Business (still EB, though), since 62 breaks off halfway through while the modern US 60 runs around it on a bypass. It's a newish bypass, so I'm sure the omission of "Business" was accidental, although not strictly necessary in this case since the shield does trailblaze back to US 60 proper.

WB through Cynthiana and past the Harrison County Courthouse to a squared-off oval. Yes, US 27 and 62 run together, but "together" implies "two," and I only see one shield. (US 27 was there first, though that's long ago, and it's by far the more major route of the two in Kentucky.)

WB leaving Kentontown, courtesy H.B. Elkins, gone now.

See, in most states, you might find it reasonable to see, say, "Former I-85" in the case where new I-85 bypassed the old alignment, turning it into a business loop or the like. I know that KY 3071 was the name given to the ongoing new alignment for US 62/68 at the Ohio River, but the questions that come to mind are: Why was it signed if it was just a temporary designation - can't KY keep any secret routes? How many people actually remember this was KY 3071? And how many of those would be confused if it suddenly changed to, oh I don't know, TWO MAJOR THROUGH ROUTES? I think that at about the same time Kentucky legislators voted each other into new Parkway names, they decided to waste a bit more money for these signs. Courtesy H.B. Elkins.

Heading west from there, the routes split. US 68 follows an improved highway to Paris and Lexington, while US 62 is on a twisty farm road to Georgetown and Versailles, Lexington's outer suburbs in a sense. It's the slower but much more scenic route.

US 62/641
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