Kentucky Roads - US 60

US 60

Hanging from the traffic signal span wire on Carter Ave. WB at US 60 EB (13th St.) in Ashland.

Versailles and west
 ~ US 31W and US 60/31W
 ~ KY 420 and US 60/KY 420

East of Versailles
 ~ US 23 and US 60/23

One intersection, twice the fun, courtesy H.B. Elkins. The KY 1123 sign's yellow color in the first photo comes from the old curve sign that was used to make it, with a smashing faded-white arrow across the front (thanks for erasing my obliviousness, Tim Brown). And the shiny-looking KY 1325 shield is a recycled US 60 shield, which is why these Tilton photos end up on this page. Both of them use the long-discontinued Series A font, notable for its narrowness.

Into Illinois on US 60/62
Into West Virginia on US 60
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