Kentucky Roads - US 60/62

US 60 and US 60/62

Eastbound from Cairo, IL into Kentucky on US 60/62, with US 51 SB along for the ride.

Back west into Illinois across the Ohio River.

EB at the beginning of the Wendell Ford Expwy., which most people call Owensboro Bypass. (Wendell Ford also gets the Western Kentucky Pkwy., either being twice as slimy as every other politician or having KY run out of living people to name roads after just in time.) There's a lot of ugliness afoot, from the misshapen added lane arrow to the misaligned Clearview signs, to the new Audubon Pkwy. shields, to all that blank space. Well, I can at least explain the blank space. US 60 was Bypass US 60 until 2010, with the regular route going through Owensboro along what is now Business US 60. So all of the pull-through and reassurance signs have the word BYPASS removed from the top. As for Audubon Pkwy., it used to be a toll road, which you can make out at the top of the Exit 10 sign in the third photo. However, there's no excuse in the second photo, because Clearview is far too recent a development to have any toll information on it, so it was just copying the prior sign without regard for proper design.

Owensboro, known for the best mutton barbecue anywhere (baaaaaaa) and the worst signs in western Kentucky. I'm continuing east past assemblies that have something wrong on each one, although you now know why the last one isn't so bad. US 231 formerly continued through downtown onto the Glover Cary Bridge, but now heads northeast to a new 4-lane, cable-stayed crossing.

Because it's so new, US 231 gets treated as an afterthought along US 60. These photos are EB at the end of the bypass, with obvious kludging to patch a small Clearview "Downtown" over the US 60 West legend.

Bleat at me if you like this old railroad crossing on Business US 60 EB.

Construction of a new, wider overpass for KY 144 over the railroad immediately south of US 60/231.

EB at an old alignment west of Hardinsburg, Wagonwheel Curve Rd.

Continuing east, from KY 261 and KY 259 in the first photo to the KY 79 junction in the last two photos. Obviously, KY 79 and KY 261 meet to the south near Rough River Dam. See if you can pick out all the shield errors.

I left a lot of sky in this photo to try to blot out the ugly stain at the bottom.

A crammed-in 4-digit route, another old alignment west of Fort Knox, and then to the beginning of a multiplex into Louisville, all EB. Photos continue for awhile along US 31W, with varying degrees of awfulness as portended by the misshapen US 31W shield. (Actually, there are none from this point north, thankfully.)

The State Arsenal is just east of the Capital Bridge (KY 420) in Frankfort. Look below for a link to the 420 page for bridge photos.

Business US 60, formerly regular US 60, EB in Versailles where US 62 WB breaks off. After crossing together from Illinois, US 60 and US 62 forge separate paths to Paducah, where they meet a second time. Staying south of US 60 still (for the third time), US 62 heads to Elizabethtown while US 60 hugs the Ohio River to Louisville. And yet, here they come back toward Lexington for one more dalliance before US 62 finally heads north and breaks away from 60 for good.

EB at the beginning of the Blue Grass Pkwy., west of Lexington. It would make a lot of sense to extend it to either I-64 or KY 4, and then connect 4 to 64/75, especially because of the airport between the end of the Parkway and Lexington. What's the point of having a limited access road that ends short of the city with only one halfway decent connection via a surface arterial?

US 60 WB joins US 27 SB and US 68 WB in downtown Lexington, even though they're all signed around KY 4 instead, and then breaks away at the One Way sign to continue west past the state-named shields.

See what I mean? This WB sign, just past the KY 4 ring road, has the US 60 shield ripped off even though it's still technically on the route. It's no accident.

More WB signs, starting in Winchester.

One intersection, twice the fun, courtesy H.B. Elkins. The KY 1123 sign's yellow color in the first photo comes from the old curve sign that was used to make it, with a smashing faded-white arrow across the front (thanks for erasing my obliviousness, Tim Brown). And the shiny-looking KY 1325 shield is a recycled US 60 shield, which is why these Tilton photos end up on this page. Both of them use the long-discontinued Series A font, notable for its narrowness.

US 60 EB meets US 23 in Ashland at the Simeon Willis Memorial Bridge (the green one is for Ben Williamson), but not really as shown. If you want to go north on 23, sure, make a left. But why not make a right on Winchester Avenue to follow 23 South and 60 East? The answer is that these routes were pulled from Winchester onto Greenup Ave., which is a block closer to the Ohio River. Winchester is still Business US 23, but apparently has enough traffic (not when I went on Saturday, though) to warrant being bypassed. So, okay, I'm fine with that. I can't believe, though, that the fastest way to head southeast is to make a left (northwest), then the next possible right on 11th St., then right again, instead of making a right on Winchester, then jogging left at the first opportunity (15th St.). Either way, the state has to still maintain a small part of Winchester Ave. and a one-way side street pair to bring US 60 up from Greenup Ave. to the 12th/13th St. pair, so why not pick a street pair that doesn't go backwards? On the US 23 page (link below), you'll see that the sign in the opposite direction, coming off the bridge from Ohio, points US 23 south down Winchester, which makes so much more sense. Thanks to Richard Brown for completing my knowledge gap in this city.

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