Kentucky Roads - US 41

US 41

From my personal collection, likely dating to the 1950s.

Courtesy Doug Kerr, the end of the southern Alternate US 41 NB at a quadruplex in Hopkinsville. With thousands of routes around Kentucky, you'd think they wouldn't need to stick four of them together at the same time.

Right now, there's a small freeway gap between Henderson, KY and Evansville, IN, getting in the way of completing I-69 and slightly hampering travel between the states. Just by following US 41 SB from Indiana, the freeway resumes abruptly as Pennyrile Parkway begins before US 41 has a chance to leave on its own alignment. Pair with that ugly new parkway shields, misalignment of every directional word and shield, and misuse of directional information ( mile, "ONLY" without the "EXIT"), and it's not a promising beginning in Kentucky. Makes you want to follow the northern Alternate US 41 and go the slow way through Henderson just to get away from it all. The situation is temporarily rectified by the continued presence of slightly-older color-coded shields on the next signs, but there are still lingering problems with sign layout, and these will soon be replaced once I-69 (and I-369 on the Audubon Parkway) is designated.

NB across the Ohio River on the eastern of the "Twin Bridges," this name despite the NB bridge being 34 years older than the SB span. Maybe "Father-Son Bridges" would be more appropriate.

Back south an hour later, with the sun setting to the west.

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