Kentucky Roads - US 31W/US 60/US 68/KY 80

US 31W, , US 31W/US 68/KY 80

US 31W SB (US 68/KY 80 WB) next to a Barren River railroad bridge. Why can't KY use MUTCD-standard signs for multiple-lane turn assignments?

Not a fan of this shield, or of ignoring US 68/KY 80.

KY 446 WB leaving the Corvette museum. 68 and 80 are ignored once more in a way difficult to correct.

US 31W NB at KY 222 and SB heading away from it, courtesy Doug Kerr. The old US 31W shield is fine, even if narrow, but the new one on the Safety Corridor sign doesn't match any Federal seal I know of. Don't tell me a US 31W shield should go on top of that signpost, because there is a fine (i.e. normal) one just a few feet before this. According to H.B. Elkins it should be a "Drive Smart Kentucky" sign. You never see the "Drive Stupid" signs.

More disturbed shields on KY 222 EB and WB respectively, again courtesy Doug Kerr. And it's not TO a route when the flashing light actually is the route itself - JCT would work.

US 31W NB/US 60 EB across Salt River from West Point to 8 miles inside Jefferson County. I try to avoid photos of cemeteries, but this one includes an old-style milemarker showing that posted mileage on Kentucky non-freeway routes resets at county lines. Also, where did US 60 go?

Oh, okay, there's US 60, along with plenty of old US 31W shields. Somehow all of the old 60s were replaced, many with ugly Kentucky screwups, right next to the classic 31W shield shape. Nothing illustrates the difference better than the 5th photo with the pre-1970 US 31W and the post-1970 US 60. (Not that the shield is necessarily that old, but that's when the modern shape was introduced, just to offend the senses with something less curvaceous and worth regarding.)

In the opposite direction for a change, as US 31W SB/US 60 WB turns from Bernheim Lane (coming from 22nd St.) onto Dixie Highway, which I'm sure was once part of the route but has been downgraded to just another city road.

22nd St. NB to Greenwood Ave., with the only pre-1970 style US 60 shields I spied. Signage gets spotty and maps are unclear as to when US 60 leaves US 31W - H.B. Elkins confirms that it's technically all the way up at the US 31E junction where US 31 resumes being a whole route.

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