Kentucky Roads - US 31E/62/150

US 31E, US 31E/62/150

Both courtesy H.B. Elkins. The first is southbound, and appears to have old shields in the background (the leading E's and W's, although blurry, don't look larger than the rest of the letters). Modern shields spell out "Bluegrass." I don't know which direction on KY 44 the second assembly is, but it would help to separate the 44 shield for clarity. It's a nice old assembly with two 3dus routes on 2dus shields and the old-style smaller suffix letter.

Two of the exits from the Bardstown town square, which has been trimmed into a diamond-like circle. Ugly shields are the order of the day.

Two views of the old Nelson County Courthouse inside the circle. There's an auditorium and a welcome center among other town functions consolidated inside, all in a really difficult place to access - no matter where you park, you have to cross half of an entering roadway to a tiny median island, and then cross the circle from there. Oh, and you can't do that from the southern leg because it's only a minor approach with no island.

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