Kentucky Roads - US 27

US 27

NB through the middle of the state, courtesy H.B. Elkins. The first photo is at KY 80 - or is it KY 80 Business? Should I turn here, wait till the Bypass, or just take the Parkway? Now this is Bus. KY 80 both ways and regular KY 80 is ahead. The second assembly is considerably farther north and also old - at least the B-font US 27 shield is.

Since H.B.'s photo, Cumberland Pkwy. was rerouted around Somerset, off of KY 80 Bypass to its own freeway alignment. The intent was to continue it east through the state as part of a long extension of I-66, but that never materialized, so it ends in a stub interchange at US 27. These photos look at what would have been the I-66 WB ramp to US 27 NB.

SB through downtown Lexington with two westbound routes, US 60 and US 68. The first photo is overhead at Vine St. on a traffic signal pole, and the second is at High St. where 60 WB turns right and leaves US 27/68 behind.

Just north of Lexington, NB (US 68 EB) past KY 4.

SB in Cynthiana at the Harrison County Courthouse, but poorly signed. US 27 is straight ahead, but so is US 62 WB. Also, KY 36 EB just came on and is expecting to make the next left. Finally, KY 32 is both to the left and straight ahead. There may be other signs on the ground, but the ones in the air shouldn't detract from the others' message.

A faded old bus stop sign just north of the end of KY 154. Pretty sure no buses stop here anymore - the sign is so old it has a 1960's bus logo with Metro on it as well as a newer T logo for "tank" service. Click the sign for a closeup that reveals all.

Old Licking Pike, the former route of KY 9 and original US 27 into Newport, now comes to a T intersection but used to branch straight off Alexandria Pike (what became and still is US 27). Being a rebel and desiring historical accuracy, I drove straight down the tire tracks. After a little while, KY 915 joins on and follows the rest of the old route up to current KY 9 on the AA Highway.

Another route begins, this time from US 27 proper.

At the entrance to Newport Shopping Center.

NB and SB at 4th St. KY 8 WB leaves US 27 SB at the War of 1812 sign and turns right down the one-way street.

Two more views of the courthouse on US 27 SB/KY 8 WB. Click the second photo for a closeup you won't see on the KY 8 page.

North into Ohio across the Taylor-Southgate Bridge. Although the plaque is dated 1890, that's just homage to the original Central Bridge that spanned the river in this location. The new bridge opened in 1995. I've captioned the Bengals' stadium enough; you can also see where baseball's Reds play to the west.

Looking west at the 1860 Roebling Bridge (foreground) and Bailey Bridge (background). The Ascent (left) rises along Covington's waterfront.

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