Kentucky Roads - US 23

US 23

All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro and southbound.

Into Kentucky, to an old shield with the Series A font. The narrowest now allowed is Series B, which you see on the US 23 shield. The A font was necessary to cram four digits into a circle, but now Kentucky uses an oval that can fit Series B or even C.

At Greenup Ave. in Ashland, which only goes a block to the left but, in doing so, avoids busy intersections with the Ohio River bridges and US 60. It's not "TO" US 23 because Lou is already on it. Richard Brown informs me that Greenup Ave. started as Truck US 23 in the 1950s to bypass the busy road through downtown, then took the mainline off of Winchester Ave. (the road continuing straight) in the 1970s once it had been upgraded. Winchester is now the Business route, though unsigned on these overheads. As you see, depending on which direction of I-64 you seek, you may want to be below the "To 23" sign instead of the "To 64" sign in advance. Also, only the EB US 60 shield is anything close to proper in the second assembly.

The vivaciously painted Ben Williamson (green) and Simeon Willis (blue) Memorial Bridges, a one-way pair heading straight from US 60 (which turns to follow 23 to the southeast) across the Ohio River to US 52.

SB on the Williamson Bridge, where US 60 is definitely not a "TO" and US 23 probably isn't either. Notice that it's a left turn to US 23 South but a right turn to US 60 east, despite those two routes running together to Catlettsburg. What am I missing?

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