Kentucky/Ohio Roads - Ashland Ohio River bridges

Spur US 23, Ashland Ohio River bridges

Spur US 23 isn't signed at all, but it's designated to cross the Ohio River to connect downtown Ashland to US 52.

Let's start with the original crossing, the 1930 Ben Williamson Bridge. It now only serves traffic heading southwest into Ashland.

Signs at the foot of the Ben, which intersects Business US 23 along Winchester Ave. Take your pick of sign photos I wish came out bigger, the first of which is courtesy Lou Corsaro. US 60 is definitely not a "TO", and Business US 23 gets no love at all. Notice that it's a left turn to US 23 South but a right turn to US 60 east, despite those two routes running together to Catlettsburg. What am I missing?

Heading back east on the Simeon Willis Bridge, which actually only dates to 1985. Once it opened, it was temporarily set up for 2-way traffic while the Ben Williamson Bridge was rehabbed.

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