Kentucky Roads - Pennyrile Pkwy.

Pennyrile Parkway

This guy is inside the NB onramp at Exit 7, where Pennyrile Parkway once began at US 41 Alternate, until it was completed south from Hopkinsville to I-24. The inside of the onramp is Fort Campbell Memorial Park; the fort itself is several miles south on 41 Alt.

There seem to be some pretty new signs in advance of Exit 34, but most of them are coming down thanks to the advent of Interstate 69 through the state. Any mention of Exit 34B will be the demise of the sign, as I-69 is taking over (not just running concurrently with) Western Kentucky Pkwy. to the west, and as shown in the first photo, the replacement project was already underway in July 2012.

And north of that interchange, Pennyrile Pkwy. is Future I-69. The problem here is twofold: a substandard cloverleaf interchange at Exit 34 where the I-69 mainline switches routes, and a lack of freeway connection north into Indiana to meet I-164.

NB around Madisonville, which makes it odd that US 41 North would be signed for a city to the south. Based on maps and my laziness, I think Exit 45 was the onetime end of Pennyrile Pkwy., and is now a short freeway connector. The "ONLY" ought to be black on yellow.

Not every Parkway sign in Kentucky has been replaced. In this NB progression, the Audubon hangs onto its old brown color scheme (and lack of being named for anyone), although the last sign ruins the progression. The space at the top of the Exit 77 signs is revealed to have been something ROAD in the second photo. Make that TOLL ROAD, since the Audubon was among the last Parkways in Kentucky to have its tolls removed.

The same lack of shield replacement SB around Henderson shows that the Pennyrile used to have a green shield instead of the conformist blue. Life is so much prettier with colors! The first set of signs on the Parkway (still with US 41 until Exit 78) has a lot of alignment issues.

Exit 34 to Western Kentucky Pkwy.
Exit 45 or 78 to US 41
Exit 76 or 81 to US 60
Exit 77 to Audubon Pkwy.
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