Kentucky/Ohio Roads - KY 8S/OH 852

KY 8S/OH 852

Heading north from Kentucky to Ohio on what I dub the "Smilin' Cal" Bridge, opened in 1988.

Looking east to the newer (2006) U.S. Grant Bridge on US 23. Technically, the Smilin' Cal is Truck US 23, serving to bypass Portsmouth, OH.

There's a spot of button copy at the north end of the bridge, the faded sign for Truck US 23. Meanwhile, would it have killed ODOT to put all of the highways on a single sign? Except the button copy, that can stay separate.

Looking back south at the Ohio face of the Smilin' Cal. I find it interesting that Ohio numbered the route based on it connecting KY 8 to US 52, but Kentucky couldn't find a way to dig out the same number to match and had to call it a spur of KY 8.

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