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Misc. Photos

All photos courtesy H.B. Elkins except one.

This is the one photo of mine, KY 453 SB, also known as The Trace.

Warning: Hang Gliders?

12 up, 12 across... four letter word for "grotto", extended monosyllable for "ooh". Somewhere in there is a man-made tunnel, but it sure looks natural. I question the wisdom of constructing a pitch-black tunnel that can't fit two cars/carriages/other conveyances past each other.

The other half is in use as an ING AFFIC sign.

KY is so full of routes that weird numbers get their chance in the sun. KY 914 By-Pass is unfortunately not one of them, as I was informed by Clark Embree that the "By-Pass" is used to describe what 914 does to Somerset. Luckily, it only occurs on this one sign on KY 80 WB.

Unusual font on the 559, especially for the 9. The KY 746 shield is on someone's house.

In this kwaaaaazy assembly, KY 474 is the through route.

Usually, when BUSINESS winds up inside a shield, it's at the top... wait a minute, that's not usual! Oh, and I've seen US/state route errors before, but usually not when there's a correct one RIGHT THERE! The first photo is in Flemingsburg, and the second is between there and Ohio (perhaps Tollesboro).

KY 1319 gets around... after seeing KY 1060 with a special short font, it decides to try and one-up 1060 by using a short font in a 2di-width shield. Four digits don't fit healthily in there.

Speaking of recycled shields, this KY 7 shield simply printed a circle directly over... a state-name US highway blank! Not only that, but they did it sideways, and then the route marker fell over, so it's now a sideways KENTUCKY US shield with an upside down KY 7 over it. In numismatics, this is called a double-strike. It's rare and valuable. Click for hella cool closeup.

Just down the road on 7 is this guide sign for GRAYSON RESERVOIR (6) and SANDY HOOK (24). Well, it WAS a guide sign... now it's just a sign.

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