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KY is so full of routes that weird numbers get their chance in the sun. KY 914 By-Pass is unfortunately not one of them, as I was informed by Clark Embree that the "By-Pass" is used to describe what 914 does to Somerset. Luckily, it only occurs on this one sign on KY 80 WB, courtesy H.B. Elkins.

Here are the signs I found in 2014, with Clearview font and off-center shields but no "By-Pass." Cumberland Pkwy. originally flowed into this at-grade part of KY 80 through Somerset, but now bypasses to the north as a freeway. The old parkway stubs out straight ahead as KY 6014.

KY 914 on both sides of the intersection, not signed as By-Pass either. KY 80 WB jogs south on KY 914 EB to its old alignment leaving downtown Somerset, but that's not signed on 914 itself so I wonder if it's unofficial and a route discontinuity.

Narrow WB shields on the road to Somerset.

EB alongside a North Fork Kentucky River railroad bridge just west of KY 15/550 in Combs.

My turn to cross the river, heading west. Some overheight vehicle gave the EB side their best shot at one time and KYTC decided it wasn't worth fixing, but some other truss members appear the worse for wear for various other reasons as well.

And back east, because I wanted to take a couple more photos:

Looking south from the east shore.

One more railroad bridge for good measure, just west of there.

Daniel Boone Pkwy. (renamed for a living politician, which I disfavor) begins here so KY 80 exits. In theory, this direction therefore shouldn't receive an exit number, but I understand the practice. The last sign is on the ramp; KY 80 turns right.

KY 15 NB/KY 80 EB at the same interchange. KY 80 does turn from here, but it's really not junctioning itself.

Narrow WB shields.

The easternmost segment of KY 80 breaks free from US 460 but can't seem to shake it, coming eastbound into construction of Corridor Q - future US 460 (and KY 80 through here) in Cedarville. KY 80 is getting pushed from side to side as it's widened and Corridor Q is constructed across it at a slant, likely with a future interchange.

WB at the other end of the mini-detour.

In the midst of the chaos, KY 1373 heads north and parallels Corridor Q construction for another 2 miles before breaking free. It brings with it classic 24" wide EB shields.

Continuing east into Elkhorn City along Russell Fork, onto Center St., and then across Russell Fork.

Some scenery just before the VA border. The second photo looks south at the east end of the Pine Mountain ridge.

KY 80/US 68
US 31W and KY 80/US 31W/68
US 460 and KY 80/US 460

Onto future KY 80/US 460 (Corridor Q)

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