Kentucky Roads - KY 8

KY 8

The end of KY 20 EB is just outside Cincinnati Airport, but all that traffic went onto I-275 anyway, so no one will notice if this white sign sticks around a bit longer. Courtesy Lou Corsaro.

EB at I-71/75 with the Bailey Bridge (US 25/42/127) behind it, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Looking north from KY 8 east of the Bailey Bridge. The first photo concerns iron made in Kentucky, and the second is Paul Brown Stadium, home of the Cincinnati Bengals. With a football stadium on the waterfront and several beautiful bridges, Cincinnati is much like Pittsburgh.

WB from Newport into Covington across Licking River.

EB courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Just west of the Licking River, the state name shields disappear and an Allowed Cloud looms around loud noises at Ball's Row (or Bow?). I now have Licking and Ball's in the same sentence on this website.

KY 8 WB and US 27 SB along the Campbell County Courthouse. KY 8 then turns onto 4th St.

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