Kentucky Roads - I-471

Southbound across the beautiful golden arches from Cincinnati to McDonald's... I mean Kentucky, second and last photos courtesy Doug Kerr. I'm a sucker for extravagant overpasses; this one is between Exits 2 and 3 (US 27 and KY 1892).

Speaking of Exit 3, this and the photo atop the page are on KY 1892 EB approaching Exit 3. In this photo, KY 1892 turns right onto Grand Ave. (which is also to the left) in an area undergoing heavy redevelopment as Cincinnati's suburbs try to keep pace with urban redevelopment.

Finishing up the SB photos, first one courtesy H.B. Elkins and last one courtesy Doug Kerr. I don't know how to tell you this, KYTC, but see those I-71 and I-75 shields? Those should be part of the sign. And the same size as the I-275 shield. And there should be room for them. (Well, okay, H.B. informed me that they're really detour shields for when I-71 was closed in Cincinnati. But why are they still up in 2009?) Oh, and I'm sure there's something wrong with the "I-471 ENDS" sign.

Back northbound into Ohio again, once more courtesy Doug Kerr. The arch is for Highland Ave.

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